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Punchdrunk Platter Co. - here we go!

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

First post! Woo hoo... we're officially up and running & I couldn't be more excited. You might wonder how I went from helping people make a house feel like a home to making cheese, fruit & crackers look like they should be framed and put on the wall... so do I!

I've always loved to cook - I even, for a split second, thought of going to culinary school before I landed on pursuing interior design as a career. Obviously I didn't go that route but that didn't mean my love for being in the kitchen died! Having a party? The first thing out of my mouth would most likely be 'What can I bring?' Followed by a dish that more than likely has lots 'o garlic! Presentation is notoriously important when cooking. I've always tried to give life to meals by making it look like you'd be missing out if you didn't eat it and that's where this whole curated edible happiness story begins.

I like to think that the charcuterie boards and grazing tables and cheese platters I create are an extension of my love for design & making things 'look pretty' smashed together with my passion for all things FOOD. These 2 things combined are what Punchdrunk Platter Co. is all about. Creativity mixed with a little structure & a whole lotta love poured into each & every platter that comes out of my kitchen makes them completely unique & one-of-a-kind. I want to grab your guest's attention and make them ooh & ahh over things they never thought could be ooh & ahh'ed over. I want to make people smile through the thoroughly thought-out composition of my grazing platters. I want to make picture-worthy things for good people, all while filling their bellies with cheese :) That's my Punchdrunk Promise & the only thing I think about when I make a platter that is almost too pretty to eat... almost!

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Absolutely love the passion you have for this endeavor. You are so talented and full of energy and beautiful ideas!


What about sweets? Cookies 😋😋


That a girl Hilary

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